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  • Issue Brief posted February 25, 2015 by Ana Quintana Six Issues the U.S. Should Not Concede to Cuba During Normalization Talks

    The U.S. and Cuba will hold the second round of normalization talks on February 27 in Washington, DC. This follows the U.S.’s attempt in late January to negotiate the terms of reestablishing diplomatic relations with the Castro regime. In those talks in Havana, Cuban officials made it clear that the regime will not change its political or economic system, despite the…

  • Commentary posted December 12, 2013 by Mike Gonzalez Obama’s Love for Snubbing Dissidents

    President Obama’s handshake with Cuba’s dictator, Raúl Castro, was a slap in the face to those Cubans who are thrown into prison, beaten up in the streets, or otherwise oppressed because they dare to express their opposition to Communism. It was, however, classic Obama, in keeping with his pretensions to be a follower of the school of realpolitik and with his keen reading…

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