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  • Commentary posted September 6, 2001 by Phillip N. Truluck Dust Off That Veto Pen

    Reports of a shrinking budget surplus have prompted a rash of hand-wringing among federal lawmakers as they prepare to resume work on the spending bills they left behind at the beginning of August. Some warn that the Social Security surplus will have to be tapped. How can Congress cope? It's hard to sympathize, though, when you consider the fact that the nine…

  • Lecture posted June 13, 1995 by Dan Miller, Grace-Marie Arnett, John C. Liu, Phillip N. Truluck, Representative Dan Miller The Medicare Debate: Politics, Process, and Proposals for Reform

    Phil Truluck , Executive Vice President of The Heritage Foundation: Congressman Dan Miller of Florida is one of the stars among conservative legislators here in Washington. He is in his second term now, and he epitomizes a principled politician. It's a good way to highlight our session here today at the Physicians Council. The Congressman had no…

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