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  • Commentary posted December 16, 2011 by David Weinberger From Time to Trains, Government Is No Innovator

    On virtually every policy issue and in most sectors of the economy, the left’s solutions call for bigger government. The clear implication of that worldview: We should trust government bureaucrats more than private individuals to innovate, create and provide prosperity and general well-being. President Obama argued in a recent speech on the economy, for instance,…

  • Commentary posted July 5, 2011 by David Weinberger What Would the Founders do about Welfare?

    Forty-four million Americans are on food stamps — up from 26 million in 2007. Spending on the program has more than doubled as well, to $77 million. Meanwhile, reports of abuse have skyrocketed. It’s not the only anti-poverty program that seems to be growing like Topsy while accomplishing little. The federal government currently runs over 70 different means-tested…

  • Commentary posted November 24, 2009 by Israel Ortega, David Weinberger Healthcare Reform -- Could History Repeat Itself?

    Most people agree that one of the central problems with healthcare is it keeps getting more expensive. But there's no reason to think Congress' attempt to expand federal health programs is really the smartest way to bring these costs under control. In fact, history tells us otherwise. Studies shows that cost estimates for government programs are almost always much lower…

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