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  • Lecture posted February 25, 1993 by Norman B. What's Fair, Anyway? A New Tax Plan for America

    (Archived document, may contain errors) What's Fair, Anyway? A New Tax Plan for America By Norman B. Ture Asthe assigned title of my discussion indicates, I've been asked to present two lectures today. One of these is to address the issue o f "tax fairness" that has preoccupied the federal government, to a degree unseen in many years, ever…

  • Lecture posted November 8, 1991 by Norman B. Do Conservatives Have a Conservative Tax Agenda?

    (Archived document, may contain errors) I I I I i 0 Do Conservatives i Have a I Conservative Tax Agenda.) By Norman B. Ture 349 I I Do Conservatives Have A Conservative Tax Agenda? By Norman B. Ture It is a pity that my question is relevant and timely. In a good society, the scope and size of the public sector would be so…

  • Backgrounder posted September 21, 1982 by Norman B. The Flat Tax Challenge

    (Archived document, may contain errors) 212 September 21, 1982 THE FL A T TAX CHALLENGE INTRODUCTION Any observer of the tax policy scene certainly has been struck by the sudden appearance, early this year, of interest in a fl at-rate tax and by the momentum that has developed for enact ing a flat-rate tax into law. The idea of a flat-rate tax has been around for…

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