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  • Backgrounder posted August 28, 2009 by Joshua Dunn, Ph.D., D. Mark Wilson Economics of Play-or-Pay Mandates in Health Care Reform Bills

    The two main health care reform bills that Con­gress is currently debating each include some form of "play-or-pay" employer mandate: America's Afford­able Health Choices Act of 2009 (H.R. 3200)[1] and the Affordable Health Choices Act.[2] The House "Blue-Dog compromise," a version of H.R. 3200, also includes a play-or-pay employer mandate.[3] The play-or-pay…

  • First Principles Series Report posted September 23, 2008 by Joshua Dunn, Ph.D. The Perils of Judicial Policymaking: The Practical Case for Separation of Powers

    The judicial process is too principle-prone and principle-bound-it has to be, there is no other justification or explanation for the role it plays. It is also too remote from conditions, and deals, case by case, with too narrow a slice of reality. It is not accessible to all the varied interests that are in play in any decision of great consequence. It is, very…

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