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  • Commentary posted November 6, 2007 by Gary Robbins, Ernie Christian, Ernest S. Christian Tax Code Is Big Reason For Weak Dollar

    The inherent strength of the peculiarly American version of free enterprise is shown by how long and how well the U.S. economy has been able to withstand the constant battering by wrong-headed government policies - but the bulwarks are starting to weaken. Once upon a time the "greenback" was the world's premier currency. Now the dollar is cheaper in value than both…

  • WebMemo posted October 5, 2005 by Ernest S. Christian, Gary Robbins A Misguided Tax Reform That Would Do More Harm than Good

    Most tax reforms being considered by the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform would stimulate economic growth and do a lot of good for all Americans, including providing more people with the special kind of freedom that goes with the ability to save, invest, and become a capitalist (small, medium, or large).   However, some tax reforms would do far…

  • WebMemo posted August 22, 2005 by Ernest S. Christian Fixing America's Tax Code

    Download the full PDF Introduction: The essays in this collection were originally written as part of a series in Investor's Business Daily about fixing the tax code. In the beginning, the biweekly newspaper columns served as an open letter to the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform, which was in the spring of 2005…

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