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  • Legal Memorandum posted July 19, 2011 by M. Eric Eversole, Hans A. von Spakovsky A President’s Opportunity: Making Military Voters a Priority

    Abstract: The MOVE Act, like previous voting rights laws, was supposed to help military members exercise their right to vote. The MOVE Act, however, cannot succeed in delivering on its promise until it is fully implemented and enforced. President Obama has a clear opportunity to help deliver the promise of the MOVE Act, but his Administration must be willing to make the…

  • Legal Memorandum posted July 28, 2009 by Hans A. von Spakovsky, M. Eric Eversole America's Military Voters: Re-enfranchising the Disenfranchised

    Revised and updated March 9, 2010 For many Americans, the 2008 presidential election was historic, both in its outcome and the number of citizens who voted, many for the first time. The overall turnout of the votingeligible population was 61.7 percent, the highest turnout since the 1964 presidential election.[1] Local election officials in many states…

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