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  • Legal Memorandum posted June 16, 2008 by John S. Baker Revisiting the Explosive Growth of Federal Crimes

    Measuring the growth in the number of activities considered federal crimes is challenging. Ideally, one compares counts of federal crimes taken at different times and employing consistent criteria to determine what constitutes a federal crime. Obtaining compara­ble data, however, is almost impossible. Nonetheless, a careful survey of laws enacted by Congress does…

  • Legal Memorandum posted October 4, 2004 by John S. Baker The Sociological Origins of "White-Collar Crime

    Are millions of middle-class Americans really white-collar criminals? The unauthorized importation of prescription drugs from a foreign country is a federal crime. So is "sharing" copyrighted material without permission. Assisting someone in the commission of a federal crime is also a federal crime. Countless American seniors purchase prescription drugs from…

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