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  • Special Report posted February 10, 2012 by Allen C. Guelzo Abraham Lincoln or the Progressives: Who was the real father of big government?

    Abstract: Early Progressives co-opted Abraham Lincoln’s legacy to justify their program of expansive government powers over American life. In so doing, they obscured how their philosophy of government broke with Lincoln and the Founding to which he was heir. Nevertheless, much conservative and libertarian thinking today has assumed, at once and without serious reflection,…

  • First Principles Series Report posted August 17, 2007 by Allen C. Guelzo Prudence, Politics, and the Proclamation

    Constituit bonos mores civitati princeps et vitia eluit, si patiens corum est, non tamquam probest, sed tamquam invitus et cum magno tormento ad castigandum veniat. [Justice is established, and vice eliminated, in the state if the ruler is patient with vice, not as if he approved of it, but as though he pursued it seemingly unwillingly and could only use force as a…

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