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  • Backgrounder posted March 25, 2011 by Thomas Atwood Foster Care: Safety Net or Trap Door?

    Abstract: For tens of thousands of endangered children, foster care has become a trap door rather than the safety net they need to help them succeed. In particular, federal financing policies have favored foster care over other child welfare approaches, leading states to overuse foster care to the detriment of children who could be adopted or whose families could be…

  • Backgrounder posted December 28, 1994 by Thomas Atwood Home Rule: How States Are Fighting Unfunded Federal Mandates

    "When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated."  -- Thomas Jefferson.1 INTRODUCTION Throughout much of American history,…

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