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  • FYI posted September 16, 1994 by Larence T. DiRita Fiction and Fact: The Clinton Speech on Haiti

    (Archived document, may contain errors) September 16, 1994 FICTION AND FACT: THE CLINTON SPEECH ON HAITI By Lawrence T. Di Rita Deputy Director of Foreign Policy and Defense Studies President Clinton's address to the nation on September 15 tried to make the case that invading Haiti is a national security interest of the United States. In making his argument, Clinton…

  • Backgrounder posted September 24, 1993 by Larence T. DiRita, Baker Spring, John Luddy Thumbs Down to the Bottom-Up Review

    The men and women who serve under the American flag will be the best trained, best equipped, best prepared fighting force in the world, so long as I am President. President Bill Clinton February 1993 Introduction Reminding his audience of the President's pledge, Secretary of Defense Les Aspin announced on September 1 the long-awaited and much- delayed…

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