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  • Backgrounder posted March 2, 1990 by Edward L.; Johnson, Bryan T. Why Asia Grows and Africa Doesn't

    (Archived document, may contain errors) 756 March 2,1990 WHY ASIA GROWSANDAFRICA DOES INTRODUCTION In the 1960s, as the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa gained independence from their colonial rulers, their economic futures looked bright. Free of problems associated with imperialism, and many rich in natural resources these new countries seemed on the road to…

  • Backgrounder posted September 22, 1989 by Edward L.; Johnson, Bryan T. Why the World Bank Should Read Its Own Report

    (Archived document, may contain errors) 727 September 22,1989 WHYTHEWORLD BANK SHOULD READ ITS OWN REPORT INTRODUCTION As the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) prepare to convene their annual meeting in Washington next week, the delegates should study w hat could become the hottest new publication on economic development. It is the World…

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