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  • WebMemo posted May 31, 2006 by Larry Wortzel Risks of a Rising China: Technology Acquisition and Export Controls

    The U.S. faces serious security challenges from China.  On May 23, the Pentagon issued its report on China's military power.  The same day, the Under Secretary of Commerce announced a tightening of controls on the export of goods with dual military and civilian use to China.  Moreover, China has an active program of espionage in the U.S. to gather industrial and…

  • Commentary posted September 11, 2002 by Larry Wortzel ed091102: Unfiltered Intelligence

    Who knows more about the latest Hollywood blockbuster -- the people who read the reviews or the people who see the movie? The second group, obviously. The others must depend on the reviewer, who decides what's worth going to see and what isn't. Second-hand information is never as good as first-hand information. Yet second-hand information is all the forthcoming…

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