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  • Backgrounder posted December 21, 1990 by Jeanne Allen, Michael J. McLaughlin A Businessman's Guide to the Education Reform Debate

    Introduction American business understands well that the nation's public schools are like a money-losing industrial giant that cannot produce a product that satisfies its customers. Leaders of America's major companies understand too that the nation's schools must improve if the United States is to remain competitive in world markets. But there is little…

  • Backgrounder posted August 3, 1990 by Michael J. McLaughlin High School Dropouts: How Much of a Crisis?

    Introduction In his first State of the Union Address, George Bush this January set six goals to strengthen American education. One of them is to reduce the national high school dropout rate to 10 percent by the end of the decade. Currently, according to Bush, the rate is 25 percent. This high rate, it is said, saddles the United States with an undereducated…

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