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  • Executive Memorandum posted October 5, 2005 by James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., John R. Brinkerhoff Katrina's Forgotten Responders: State Defense Forces Play a Vital Role

    U.S. law allows states to raise and maintain state defense forces (SDF). As the emergency response to Hurricane Katrina demonstrated, these groups can be an important supplement to the National Guard, particularly during catastrophic disasters. When trained, disciplined, and well organized, local responders are essential for providing immediate aid and security.…

  • Lecture posted June 2, 2005 by John R. Brinkerhoff Who Will Help the Emergency Responders?

    The ability of almost all local governments to deal with terrorist attacks or other incidents is limited. They can handle the daily menu of routine incidents that can be addressed and settled within a few hours, but they cannot alone manage major or catastrophic incidents. Dr. John Powers, who has studied this matter, says that once casualties from a single…

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