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  • Lecture posted April 1, 2013 by Franklin L. Lavin Four Issues Facing China

    It’s a delight to be here. I enjoy coming by and seeing friends, making new friends, and sharing ideas and insight. I have a terrific job—not just the job itself, which is interesting, but the fact that it’s a China-oriented job, and that it allows me, every time I visit China, to learn and to see and to chat with people. It was certainly interesting to do that in a…

  • Lecture posted June 28, 2011 by Franklin L. Lavin Consequential China: U.S.–China Relations in a Time of Transition

    Abstract: On April 20, 2011, long-time “China hand” Frank Lavin addressed an audience at The Heritage Foundation on the future of U.S.–China relations. How will the U.S. economic turmoil affect the Chinese economy? What is the impact of the “Jasmine spring”? Which effects will China’s leadership transition have on relations between the two countries? What is the…

  • Economic Freedom Project Report posted June 2, 2000 by Franklin L. Lavin Half a Loaf is Better than None: The Case for Regional Free TradeAgreements

    There is broad agreement between economists and trade negotiators that the multilateral approach to reducing trade barriers--one that is as inclusive as possible--is the best approach. This is somewhat intuitive, in that solutions to problems should be more effective the more broadly they are applied. Thus, the best way to solve world hunger would be with a program…

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