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  • FYI posted December 31, 1997 by Carrie Gavora Kidcare Implementation: A Helpful Guide for the States

    Recently enacted legislation establishing the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) — often referred to as “kidcare”—will make $48 billion in taxpayer dollars available to the states over the next 10 years for health coverage of low-income uninsured children. As recent criticisms of the program point out, however, S-CHIP may lead to significant expansions in…

  • FYI posted April 22, 1997 by Carrie Gavora What to Do About Uninsured Children

    INTRODUCTION Americans of all political persuasions are understandably concerned about the fact that millions of children lack the protection of health insurance. To be sure, many of these children do have access to a reasonable level of health services when serious illness or injury strikes. But it is nonetheless deeply disturbing that many children and their…

  • Executive Memorandum posted September 18, 1996 by Carrie Gavora Why Congress Should Not Impose Mandates On Private Health Insurance

    Congress is poised to enact legislation which, for the first time, would require private commercial health insurance carriers to provide specific benefits. Such federal mandates inevitably increase costs while limiting consumer choice and competition. In particular, these proposed mandated benefits would increase the costs of health insurance premiums for employers,…

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