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  • Backgrounder posted June 14, 1991 by Robert H. Knight Women in Combat: Why Rush to Judgment?

    Introduction Should America send women into combat? This question is again before Congress as part of the intense debate over a defense budget bill. At stake is a policy change that could affect millions of women and men, have major cultural implications and alter America's military readiness. On June 18, the Armed Services Committee's Subcommittee…

  • Backgrounder posted March 29, 1991 by Robert H. Knight Federal Support for Early Childhood Programs: Caution is Needed

    Introduction Americans overwhelmingly believe that parents know best how to raise young children. This is confirmed in poll after poll. ("For Better or Worse, Results from a Newsweek Gallup poll, 1989," Newsweek, Special Issue on Children, Summer 1990, p. 18.) Experts, too, agree that the family home is the optimum setting for early childhood development. Yet…

  • Backgrounder posted January 18, 1991 by Robert H. Knight The National Endowment for the Arts: Misusing Taxpayers ' Money

    This report is currently available only in PDF format.…

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