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  • Lecture posted September 18, 2013 by Kenneth L. Wainstein The Changing Nature of Terror: Law and Policies to Protect America

    I want to thank The Heritage Foundation and Senior Legal Fellow Cully Stimson for having me here today. I was thinking back as I was preparing for these remarks, and it occurred to me that this is the fourth time I’ve spoken about terrorism at a Heritage event over the past five years. It’s been a pleasure to speak at Heritage on each of those occasions, but today it’s a…

  • Backgrounder Update posted April 20, 1996 by Kenneth L. Wainstein The Senate Faces Term Limits

    (Archived document, may contain errors) BW0f all federal civilian and military positions lost since the end of FY 1992, over 89 percent (al- most 760,000) will have come solely from the Department of Defense (see Chart 1). -- - - - ---------- The Vast Majority of Federal Personnel Reductions During the Clinton Administration Have Come From the Department of Defense …

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