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  • Center for Policy Innovation Discussion Paper posted March 13, 2012 by Karen McKeown Can Online Learning Reproduce the Full College Experience?

    Online classes are becoming a common feature of higher education, and this has led some educators to explore whether all of the features associated with a college experience could be accomplished online. The Center for Policy Innovation invited Karen D. McKeown to share her views on this subject. Ms. McKeown, formerly a Graduate Fellow in Health Policy at The Heritage…

  • Backgrounder posted December 27, 2011 by Karen McKeown Empowering Patients as Key Decision Makers in the Face of Rising Health Care Costs

    Abstract: The current trend of rapidly rising health care costs is unsustainable. Many proposed reforms to curb spending rely on some type of rationing imposed by an unaccountable government body. A better alternative would be to allow individual consumers to make their own decisions about care, including the self-rationing of medical services, based on cost and their own…

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