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  • Lecture posted May 15, 2012 by The Honorable Jon Kyl Why Conservatives Should Fund and Support a Strong National Defense

    Abstract: As Senator Jesse Helms wrote in his memoir, “Jefferson warned us that ‘the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.’… [T]he lesson of history is that to secure our liberty, America must be constantly on guard, preparing to defend our nation against tomorrow’s adversaries even as we vanquish the enemies of today.” Vigilance must be reinforced by the ability to act.…

  • Lecture posted February 1, 2007 by The Honorable Jon Kyl China's Anti-Satellite Weapons and American National Security

    (Delivered on January 29, 2007) On January 11, the Chinese destroyed one of their aging weather satellites with a missile-launched inter­ceptor. That's the first problem. The second problem, and the one that I'll focus on today, is what we should do about it. I'll start by describing how critical satellites are to the United States and how adversaries can…

  • Lecture posted October 23, 2003 by The Honorable Jon Kyl What Is True Medicare Reform?

    Let me begin by thanking Heritage and all of those who have worked hard at Heritage to influence this debate, starting with Bob Moffit, who for years has been working to inform policymakers about the benefits of a free-market influence on the government health care program, joined by Ed Haislmaier and also Walton Francis, an independent economist, who did some work…

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