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  • Backgrounder posted August 8, 2011 by Brett D. Schaefer, Anthony B. Kim The U.S. Should Link Foreign Aid and U.N. General Assembly Voting

    Abstract: Countries that receive U.S. foreign aid routinely oppose U.S. diplomatic initiatives and vote against the U.S. in the United Nations. While linking humanitarian and security aid to support of U.S. policy priorities would undermine the purposes and effect of that aid, the effectiveness of development aid in improving economic growth and development among…

  • Special Report posted September 21, 2010 by Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D. Smart Multilateralism and the United Nations

    Abstract: Multilateralism is not an end in itself. It is one of many foreign policy tools, admittedly a very important one, in the diplomatic kit. For the United States, multilateralism faces its greatest challenge at the United Nations, where the all-too-frequent clash of worldviews between liberty and authoritarian socialism has stymied multilateralism more than…

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