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Fighter Gap

Our Research & Offerings on Fighter Gap
  • Special Report posted October 12, 2012 by Robert P Haffa Jr., Ph.D Full-Spectrum Air Power: Building the Air Force America Needs

    Executive Summary Much of what is written today about the capabilities required by the military services is offered within the context of fiscal restraint, national budget austerity, and cuts in the defense budget to ensure that the armed services pay their “fair” share of deficit reduction. This study argues for building an Air Force to support a joint force…

  • Testimony posted June 1, 2011 by Mackenzie Eaglen Evaluating The Efficacy Of The Department Of Defense’s 30-Year Shipbuilding And Aviation Plans

    Testimony beforeSubcommittee on Oversight & InvestigationsHouse Armed Services CommitteeUnited States House of Represenatives June 1, 2011 My name is Mackenzie Eaglen. I am a Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation. The views I express in this testimony are my own, and should not be construed as representing any official position of The Heritage…

  • Backgrounder posted May 16, 2011 by Mackenzie Eaglen, Bryan McGrath Thinking About a Day Without Sea Power: Implications for U.S. Defense Policy

    Abstract: America is a maritime power, and a strong U.S. Navy is both in America’s long-term interest and essential to the nation’s prosperity. Yet U.S. sea power is in decline. If not reversed, this decline could pass the tipping point, leaving the country economically and strategically unable to reverse course, which would have profound economic and geopolitical…

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Find more work on Fighter Gap
Find more work on Fighter Gap