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Find more work on Organizations
  • Backgrounder posted September 3, 2013 by Nicolas Loris Advanced Energy Trust Fund: Tying a Good Idea to a Bad One

    Senator Lisa Murkowski (R–AK) recently released draft legislation outlining her idea of an Advanced Energy Trust Fund. The trust fund would create a new stream of revenue for the Secretary of Energy to spend on basic and applied research for new energy technologies—with funding coming predominately from oil and gas production on federal lands currently off-limits to…

  • Special Report posted September 28, 2010 by William W. Beach, Robert B. Bluey Slay the Beast: How You Can Save Us from the Massive Debt

    Revised and updated October 23, 2012. Washington’s reckless spending spree of the past several years and unwillingness to confront the mountains of debt coming soon from unreformed federal entitlement programs threaten the economic and social future of the generation currently between the ages of 5 and 30. The 115 million Americans in this Debt-Paying…

  • WebMemo posted October 24, 2008 by Greg D'Angelo, Paul Winfree The Obama Health Care Plan: A Closer Look at Cost and Coverage

    Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) has put forth an ambitious health care plan.[1] The plan proposes: Expanding eligibility for existing public programs, including both Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP); Creating a National Health Insurance Exchange to serve as a federal regulator of private insurance…

Find more work on Organizations
Find more work on Organizations