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U.N. Spending on Peacekeeping Operations, 1948-Present

Created on August 3, 2016

U.N. Spending on Peacekeeping Operations, 1948-Present


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Read the original report, "United Nations Peacekeeping Flaws and Abuses: The U.S. Must Demand Reform," by Brett D. Schaefer.

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NOTES: Financial data are presented in current dollars because U.N. data for annual costs of older operations was not available. Financial data include approved resources through June 30, 2016 for active peacekeeping operations. For UNTSO (Middle East) and UNMOGIP (India/Pakistan border), financial data include one quarter of the approved regular budget resources for the 2016–2017 biennium. Source: Author’s calculations based on research of United Nations documents. See appendix.

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