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Federal Regulatory Activity: Spending and Staffing

Created on May 23, 2016

Federal Regulatory Activity: Spending and Staffing


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Read the original report, "Red Tape Rising 2016: Obama Regs Top $100 Billion Annually," by James L. Gattuso and Diane Katz.

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Notes: Figures are by fiscal year. Figures for 2015 and 2016 are estimates.Source: Susan Dudley and Melinda Warren, “Regulators’ Budget Increases Consistent with Growth in Fiscal Budget,” The George Washington University and Washington University in St. Louis, May 2015, Tables A–5 and A–6, https://regulatorystudies.columbian.gwu.edu/sites/ regulatorystudies.columbian.gwu.edu/files/downloads/2016_Regulators_Budget.pdf (accessed April 21, 2016).

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