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Cost of Obamacare's Insurance Regulations

Created on April 1, 2016

Cost of Obamacare's Insurance Regulations


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Read the original report, "Year Six of the Affordable Care Act: Obamacare’s Mounting Problems," by Robert E. Moffit.

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Obamacare’s new federal insurance regulations increased premiums for the lowest–cost plans in the median state by 44 percent for 21–year-olds and 7 percent for 64–year-olds.

Note: Federal insurance requirements are the ACA’s benefit mandates, actuarial-value requirements, and age-rating restrictions. Figures for Bronze plan premiums are the state average 2015 premium for a single adult. Premium figures for lowest cost plan without the ACA requirements are derived by adjusting 2015 premium data to remove the effects of ACA age-rating compression and the estimated costs of ACA benefit mandates and actuarial-value requirements.Sources: Premium data from Healthcare.gov, and analyses of the estimated effects on premiums of ACA regulations prepared for state governments by consulting actuaries.

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