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Climate Models Predict Too Much Warming

Created on April 22, 2016

Climate Models Predict Too Much Warming


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Read the original report, "The State of Climate Science: No Justification for Extreme Policies," by David W. Kreutzer, Nicolas Loris, Katie Tubb, and Kevin D. Dayaratna.

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Note: The starting value for each series is normalized so that a linear regression would pass the zero-degree mark at 1979.Source: U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, testimony by John R. Christy of University of Alabama in Huntsville, February 2, 2016, https://science.house.gov/sites/republicans.science.house.gov/files/documents/HHRG-114-SY-WState-JChristy-20160202.pdf (accessed April 12, 2016).

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