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Selected High-Profile Terrorist Attacks in South Asia in 2015

Created on October 28, 2015

Selected High-Profile Terrorist Attacks in South Asia in 2015

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1 PAK Jan. 30—Anti-Shia terrorist group Jundullah claims responsibility for suicide bombing at a Shia mosque in Sindh province that killed 60 worshippers.

2 PAK Feb. 13—Three suicide bombers wearing paramilitary uniforms storm a Shia mosque in Peshawar, killing 24 and injuring 50. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claims responsibility.

3 PAK March 15—Bombs explode at two Christian churches during worship services in Lahore, killing 14 and injuring 70.

4 IND March 21—Two terrorists open fire and lob grenades at an Army installation near Jammu.

5 AFG April 10—Attack by Taliban insurgents in Badakhshan province leaves 33 Afghan Army forces killed, wounded, or missing.

6 AFG April 10—Attack on the Balkh provincial attorney general’s office kills 19 and wounds 60.

7 AFG April 18—ISIS suicide bombing occurs outside a bank in Jalalabad, killing 35.

8 IND May 9—At least seven civilians are injured in a grenade attack by militants in south Kashmir.

9 PAK May 13—Eight gunmen board and attack a bus in Karachi carrying members of the Shia Ismaili community, killing 43.

10 AFG May 14—Attack at the Park Palace Hotel in central Kabul kills 14, including an American and eight foreigners.

11 AFG June 2—Attack in Balkh province kills nine workers from a Czech aid agency.

12 AFG June 22—Six armed insurgents storm Afghan parliament. No members of parliament are harmed, but two civilians are killed.

13 AFG July 7—Three suicide bombers attack a district office of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency outside of Kabul, killing one and wounding another.

14 IND July 27—Three gunmen wearing military fatigues attack a bus and police station in Guradspur district of Punjab, killing seven, including a police superintendent.

15 AFG Aug. 7—Three separate attacks in Kabul—a massive truck bombing outside an Afghan military intelligence compound, a suicide bombing near an Afghan police academy, and a car bomb outside a U.S. military installation—kill 50.

16 PAK Aug. 16—A suicide attack in the province of Punjab kills 20, including a provincial minister. Lashkar-e-Islam, a Taliban-affiliated militant group, claims responsibility for the attack.

17 PAK Sept. 18—TTP attacks a Pakistan Air Force base near Peshawar, killing 30. TTP indicates the attack was retaliation for the Pakistani air campaign against its bases in North Waziristan.

18 AFG Sept. 27—Bomb detonates during a cricket match in Afghanistan’s southeastern Paktika province, killing 10 and injuring 50.

19 PAK Oct. 14—Suicide bomber attacks house of Sardar Amjad Khosa, a Pakistani Member of the National Assembly. Khosa escapes harm but seven of his associates are killed.