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Nuclear Energy Use in States Where Spent Nuclear Fuel is Stored

Created on August 5, 2015

Nuclear Energy Use in States Where Spent Nuclear Fuel is Stored


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Read the original report, "Fooled Again: The Nuclear Waste Administration Act Preserves Futile Status Quo," by Jack Spencer and Katie Tubb.

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The federal government has collected billions of dollars from nuclear electricity consumers to fund the collection and disposal of commercial spent nuclear fuel. Washington has yet to handle any of the 71,000 tons being stored at nuclear power plants. Consequently, the courts determined in 2014 that the federal government could no longer continue to charge the fee.

Sources: Nuclear Energy Institute, “Nuclear Waste Fund Payment Information by State,” December 31, 2014, http://www.nei.org/Knowledge-Center/Nuclear-Statistics/Costs-Fuel,-Operation,- Waste-Disposal-Life-Cycle/Nuclear-Waste-Fund-Payment-Information-by-State (accessed June 29, 2015); Nuclear Energy Institute, “State Electricity Generation Fuel Shares,” http://www.nei.org/Knowledge-Center/Nuclear-Statistics/US-Nuclear-Power-Plants/State-Electricity-Generation- Fuel-Shares (accessed June 29, 2015).

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