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Missiles Within the Range of the INF Treaty

Created on July 30, 2015

Missiles Within the Range of the INF Treaty

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Read the original report, "Russian Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces: What They Mean for the United States," by Michaela Dodge.

Sources: Heritage Foundation research based on information from the Federation of American Scientists, “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force [INF] Chronology”; U.S. Department of the Army, “Pershing II Weapon System (System Description),” June 1986, p. 2-1, http://www.scribd.com/ doc/64061132/TM-9-1425-386-10-1 (accessed June 29, 2015); and Hill Air Force Base, “BGM-109G ‘Gryphon’ Ground-Launched Cruise Missile,” October 15, 2008, http://www.hill.af.mil/library/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=5739 (accessed June 26, 2015).

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