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Harder-to-Diagnose Disorders More Prevalent in SSDI

Created on July 20, 2015

Harder-to-Diagnose Disorders More Prevalent in SSDI


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Read the original report, "Private Disability Insurance Option Could Help Save SSDI and Improve Individual Well-being," by Rachel Greszler.

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According to the most recent data, 63 percent of all SSDI benefits were based on mental or musculoskeletal disorders. Only 35 percent of private benefits were for similar claims.

Note: The most recent private figures are from 2011, while the most recent SSDI figures are from 2013. In 2011, the incidence of musculoskeletal and mental disorders within SSDI was 62 percent. Sources: Social Security Administration, Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security and Disability Insurance Program, 2013, Table 11, http://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/ statcomps/di_asr/(accessed June 19, 2015), and Gen Re, Disabilty Fact Book, 7th ed., 2013-2014 (p. 11).

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