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Factors Behind Increase in Numbers of SDDI Recipients

Created on July 20, 2015

Factors Behind Increase in Numbers of SDDI Recipients


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Read the original report, "Private Disability Insurance Option Could Help Save SSDI and Improve Individual Well-being," by Rachel Greszler.

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Less than half of the increase in the number of SSDI recipients is due to observable factors, such as the increase of women in the workforce.

Source: Mary C. Daly, Brian Lucking, and Jonathan A. Schwabish, “The Future of Social Security Disability Insurance,” Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, June 24, 2013, http://www.frbsf.org/economic-research/publications/economic-letter/2013/june/future-social-security-disability-insurance-ssdi/ (accessed June 11, 2014).

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