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State Restrictions Obstruct Internet Wine Sales

Created on June 3, 2015

State Restrictions Obstruct Internet Wine Sales


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Read the original report, "Saving Internet Freedom," by James L. Gattuso, Alden Abbott, Curtis S. Dubay, David Inserra, Paul Rosenzweig, Michael Sargent, and Brett D. Schaefer.

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State laws that ban out-of-state wine shipments continue to inhibit the growth of online wine sales. Seven states prohibit the direct shipment of wine entirely. Thirty-nine states impose permitting requirements or fees of $100 or more, while several require the consumer to place a shipping order on-site at a winery. Only three states do not have significant requirements for direct shipments.

Source: Wine Institute, “Who Ships Where Table: State-by-State Carrier Status,” February 1, 2015, http://www.wineinstitute.org/files/shipping_statutes.pdf (accessed May 5, 2015).

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