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Government Debt in the European Union

Created on April 29, 2013

Government Debt in the European Union

As a Percentage of GDP, Q3 2012


Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Euro-zone, France, United Kingdom, EU–27, Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Austria, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Slovenia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Romania, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Estonia

Source: Eurostat news release, “Euro area and EU27 government debt nearly stable at 90.0% and 85.1% of GDP respectively,” January 23, 2013, http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/cache/ITY_PUBLIC/2-23012013-AP/EN/2-23012013-AP-EN.PDF (accessed March 7, 2013).

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