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Federal Land Grab

Created on September 16, 2009

Federal Land Grab

Four federal agencies control 623 million acres of land in the U.S. — more than 27 percent of all surface land area in the country, and larger than the combined size of ten European nations. These figures don’t include state-owned land which totals an additional 196 million acres.

Italy, 72.68 million acres

Poland, 75.18 million acres

Germany, 86.16 million acres

Spain, 123.3 million acres

France, 158.16 million acres ‡

Netherlands 8.38 million acres

Belgium 7.48 million acres

Switzerland 9.88 million acres

Austria 20.37 million acres

United Kingdom 59.78 million acres

79 million acres

93 million acres

193 million acres

258.2 million acres



Ten European Nations

Four U.S. Agencies

Note: Some figures have been rounded.

* From national forests and grasslands.

** Managed national, cultural, and recreational sites.

*** Wildlife refuge system including small wetlands and other special management areas.

‡ Includes: French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Reunion.

U.S. Fish and

Wildlife Service, 93 million acres*** (4.2% of U.S.)

National Park Service, 79 million acres** (3.6% of U.S.)

U.S. Forest Service, 193 million acres* (8.5% of U.S.)

Bureau of Land Management, 258.2 million acres (11.2% of total U.S. surface area)

Sources: Federal agency Web sites (www.blm.gov, www.fs.fed.us, www.nps.gov, www.fws.gov); sizes of European nations from www.cia.gov.