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Cable, AC Among Comforts of Home

Created on July 18, 2011

Cable, AC Among Comforts of Home

Percentage of Poor Households With Amenities




Stove and oven


Air conditioning

At least one  VCR

More than one television

At least one DVD player

Cable or satellite television

Clothes washer

Cordless telephone

Cellular phone

Clothes dryer

Ceiling fans

Non-portable stereo

Coffee maker

Personal computer

Answering machine

More than two televisions

Internet service

Video game system

Computer printer

More than one  VCR


Separate freezer

More than one DVD player

Big-screen television

More than one refrigerator




Note: Census officials define Americans as poor when family income falls below thresholds linked to family size. In 2009, a family of four was “poor” if annual cash income fell below $21,954.


Source: U.S. Department of Energy, Residential Energy Consumption Survey, 2005.