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U.S.-Baltic Relations: Celebrating 85 Years of Friendship

Recorded on June 14, 2007

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom is pleased to host the foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as senior policy makers from both sides of the Atlantic in marking the 85th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States and the Baltic nations. 

Since gaining independence from the former Soviet Union in 1990-91, the Baltic States have worked closely together with the United States in defense of freedom and democracy in Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan and the wider world.  All three countries have become important members of NATO, and the transatlantic alliance will be a vitally important bulwark against transnational threats.

In addition to increasing military and defense cooperation, there has been a significant expansion in investment and trade between the United States and her Baltic partners.  Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have become extraordinary economic success stories following decades of Communist oppression.  Indeed, Europe and the West have much to learn from the Baltic model of economic growth and tax competition.  

Join us as we explore policy options for strengthening and deepening the American-Baltic relationship, including defense and trade cooperation.