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U.S. Economic Freedom Index: 2004 Report

Recorded on November 17, 2004

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Dr. Lawrence J. McQuillan of the Pacific Research Institute, with the assistance of economists Ying Huang and Robert E. McCormick of Clemson University, has created a U.S. Economic Freedom Index.  Published in association with Forbes, the Index is an important tool, not only for policymakers, but also for those seeking an improved understanding of the link between economic freedom and financial prosperity.  Using data from more than 100 policy variables, this indispensable report examines five types of government intervention - fiscal, regulatory, judicial, size of government, and welfare - to rank America's 50 states on their level of economic freedom.  Which States are soaring?  Which States are sliding?  Our distinguished panelists will tell you.