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The United States and New Europe: Reshaping the Transatlantic Alliance

Recorded on July 17, 2003

The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

The debate over Iraq symbolized the huge gulf between the United States and the European Union over key foreign policy issues. It also brought into sharp focus the divide between the 'old' European nations of France, Germany and Russia, and the 'new' Europe comprised of largely pro-American former members of the Soviet bloc. Mart Laar, a Member of Parliament and former Prime Minister of one of Europe's most dynamic nations, will deliver his assessment of the future direction of Europe and the Transatlantic Alliance. Will the United States look increasingly to the countries of Eastern and Central Europe for allies in the coming decade? Are we witnessing the end of Franco-German hegemony in Europe and an eastward shift in the continent's balance of power? How big a threat does the European Constitutional Convention pose to national sovereignty in Europe, and what are the implications for the U.S. national interest?