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The Shanghai Pact: The SCO and Implications for America in Eurasia

Recorded on June 9, 2006

The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

On June 15, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit will convene in Shanghai, China. On the agenda is a deadline for the U.S. departure from the air force base at the Manas Airport in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This is less than a year after the SCO, under Chinese and Russian leadership, pushed the U.S. out of a military base in Karshi Khanabad, Uzbekistan. Last year, joint Sino-Russian military maneuvers took place simulating amphibious assaults and combined operations against a strong conventional enemy. This year, such maneuvers will be repeated.
Is the SCO, where Iran is welcomed as an observer and touted as a potential member, but the U.S. is kept out, a new de facto anti-American bloc in Eurasia? How strong are Sino-Russian ties and what is their motivation? Is resistance in Beijing and Moscow to America's role as the "sole superpower" sufficient glue to overcome their inherent strategic incompatibility in Central Asia? How significant is Sino-Russian cooperation as far as the search for a diplomatic solution for the pending Iranian crisis is concerned? Join us as our panel of experts examines these questions and the implications for American policy in Eurasia.

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