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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism

Recorded on February 15, 2007

For decades, environmentalism has been the Left's best excuse for increasing government control over our actions. It's for Mother Earth! It's for the children! It's for the whales! But until now, the doomsday-scenario environmental scares haven't been large enough to justify the lifestyle restrictions they want to impose. Manipulation of "global warming," however, is the ideal scare campaign for those who hate capitalism and love big government. Horner posits that the massive global warming hysteria reveals the full anti-American, anti-capitalist, and anti-human agenda of today's environmentalists. He reviews the ten top global warming myths, carefully examining the evidence to determine how much warming there really is and what is actually causing it. And, he argues, it's time to stand up to the environmentalist industry and insist: human beings are not the enemy.

Christopher C. Horner, a practicing attorney in Washington, D.C., is a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and an acknowledged expert on global warming legislation and regulation, who has testified before Senate Committees as well as the European Parliament.