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The Decline and Fall of New Labour in Britain: What Can the U.S. Expect from a Future Conservative Administration?

Recorded on July 29, 2008

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labour government has suffered a spectacular decline in political fortunes over the past few months, with a succession of polls showing the opposition Conservative Party with a commanding double-digit lead.  The prospect of Conservative leader David Cameron entering Downing Street has grown dramatically.  If elected, Cameron will lead at a critically important time for Britain as a world power.  He has an opportunity to restore British sovereignty in Europe, rebuild the United Kingdom's military capability, and re-energize the Anglo-American alliance.

Join us as Shadow Defense Secretary Liam Fox, former Army Spokesman Crispian Cuss, and political commentator Douglas Murray discuss the likely foreign, defense and security policies of a future Conservative administration.