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The Continuing Battles on the Road to Equal Treatment

Recorded on March 2, 2007

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Few Americans can speak more eloquently of the lessons learned in the journey toward equal treatment - or address more poignantly the battles still before us - than Ward Connerly.  His tireless crisscrossing of the nation speaking about race preferences on behalf of the American Civil Rights Institute have taught him as many lessons as he has imparted to his hundreds of audiences.  His devotion to the civil rights cause is inspiring and noteworthy, including his campaigns to end sexual and racial discrimination through quotas and preferences in California, Washington, and most recently, in Michigan.

He continues to envision a future for the movement that will see an end to such divisive and unfair preferences in America.  Advancing this endeavor on Election Day 2008, Mr. Connerly and coalition partners will offer Civil Rights Initiatives in several states.  As part of his remarks, Mr. Connerly promises to announce at least one or more of the states chosen for "Super Tuesday for Equality in 2008."  Join us for this important assessment of where we are as a nation on the road to true equality for all of our citizens.