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The Case For Civility - And Why Our Future Depends On It

Recorded on March 13, 2008

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

The challenge of living with our differences is a worldwide problem, especially when those differences are religious and ideological, and when they are elbow to elbow within the same society.  Is the United States still demonstrating what James Madison called the "true remedy" - i.e. affording the kind of "complete and equal liberty" that leads to "moderation and harmony" among diverse communities?  Or have thirty years of culture warring called into question the genius of the founders' "great experiment"?

Dr. Os Guinness will address these questions and offer a proposal for a civil and "cosmopolitan" public square, one that welcomes the kind of honest, respectful debates necessary to preserve liberty and unity amidst diversity.  As he argues in his new book, The Case for Civility, such civility is a republican virtue and a democratic necessity, and an area in which the U.S. should be leading the world.

Copies of The Case for Civility will be available for purchase and to be signed by the author.