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Recorded on February 10, 2004

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

Next to the North Korean nuclear program, the future of Taiwan's relationship with China is probably the biggest unknown in America's policy equation in the Western Pacific. Taiwan's current presidential election campaign offers an insight into two possible futures for Taiwan, a consolidation of Taiwan's separate identity from, or a reassessment of Taiwan's political union with, the People's Republic of China. But Taiwan's two main partisan camps are divided by more than their different views of Taiwan's national identity. They have different visions for Taiwan's national defense, financial reform, labor, the fight against corruption, transportation and regulatory policies, and economic re-orientation.

The Heritage Foundation and the US-Taiwan Business Council have gathered two panels of distinguished Asia specialists to discuss Taiwan's Presidential Election Campaign and its implications for America. Join us beginning at 9:00 am for an examination of "The Economic and Trade Implications of the Election," followed by a look at "Political-Military Issues in Taiwan's Election."