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Stable Transformation: Key to the Future Fleet

Recorded on February 7, 2007

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

The Navy-Marine Corps team is faced with two challenges - fighting and winning the global war on terror, while transforming the force to respond to the unknowns of future threats and enemies. Given the length of time required to conceive, design and build ships, transforming today's Navy requires a long term perspective which is difficult to maintain in the complex and dynamic security environment of the 21st Century. Transformation alone is not enough, more is required to meet these goals, and the Navy needs stable transformation to readily face the challenges of tomorrow. Stable Transformation can only be achieved if the Department of the Navy, in conjunction with Congress, agrees to follow a long-term path of program stability.

The United States Navy continues to prepare our Sailors and Marines, our leaders, our families, our civilians, and our forces for the challenges they will face amidst the complexity of the 21st Century security environment. The Navy is dedicated to stable transformation to respond to these future threats.

Join us as Secretary Winter discusses the necessity of stable transformation to achieve the fleet of the future.