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Shut Up, America! The End of Free Speech

Recorded on June 24, 2009

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

Can you be trusted with free speech?  Many politicians in Washington don't think so.  They see your right to free speech as a threat to their seat in power.  In his bestselling book, author Brad O'Leary examines the movement afoot that would eviscerate the First Amendment.  O'Leary reviews how censorship is on the march from the Orwellian "Fairness Doctrine" to so-called "net neutrality" and "campaign finance reform" regulations.

Over two decades ago, Ronald Reagan gave birth to a flourishing, free exchange of ideas when his Federal Communications Commission removed the shackles of the misnamed "Fairness Doctrine" and restored the First Amendment.  What was a boon to honest debate has proven to be a nightmare for left-wing politicians.  And, now, once again, the censorship proponents are putting the First Amendment squarely in their sights.

Brad O'Leary is President of ATI-News.com, publisher of The O'Leary Report, and a former NBC Westwood One talk show host.  He is the author of eleven books, including Presidential Follies, Triangle of Death, and Are You a Conservative or a Liberal?

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