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Serbia and Its Place in the World

Recorded on September 7, 2006

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

After a decade of war, bloodshed, and disintegration, Serbia, now a democratic state committed to joining the European Union and NATO, is devoting its energies to the arduous process of economic liberalization and much needed structural reform. Serbia's future also depends on the issue of Kosovo, specifically whether the province's future status can be resolved while preserving regional stability and furthering regional prosperity. As the region's pivot state, a prosperous Serbia will remain an important U.S. interest for some time.

To examine these issues, The Heritage Foundation is privileged to welcome His Excellency Boris Tadic, President of the Republic of Serbia and a leader of pro-Western democratic forces in the country. President Tadic's lecture will focus on Serbia's place in the world of today, its future relationship with Washington and how a partnership and full political, military, economic cooperation with the U.S. is one of Serbia's strategic and essential goals.