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Restoring Fairness to the Judicial Confirmation Process in the United States Senate

Recorded on June 28, 2005

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Studies show that the average length of time the Senate takes to act on judicial nominations has increased with each recent President. Filibusters have been used to block up-or-down votes on judicial nominees for the first time. And unfair attacks on the nominees' character and integrity have escalated. Although several of the President's appellate nominees have been confirmed by the Senate in this Congress, questions remain about how the Senate will proceed in the months ahead.

Please join us as Majority Leader Frist describes what needs to be done to restore fairness to the judicial confirmation process, to ensure that judicial nominees are treated with dignity and respect, to ensure qualified and capable nominees continue to serve on the bench, and to fulfill the Senate's constitutional duty to act on each of the President's judicial nominations.